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About Us

The origins of Aveng Duraset lie with Grinaker and LTA, two construction giants which were respectively established in 1935 and 1965 (although the predecessor companies to LTA go back as far as 1889). In 2000 Grinaker and LTA merged to form Grinaker-LTA. Duraset was originally a registered Grinaker-LTA company, resulting from the rationalization and restructuring of the previous Grinaker-Duraset Mining Products and LTA’s Steeledale SCS (Strata Control Systems), Steeledag and Amsteele Systems. Today both Aveng Duraset and Aveng Grinaker-LTA form part of the much larger Aveng Group.

Strong synergies exist between the other sister business units within the Aveng Group, i.e. Aveng Steeledale, Aveng Lennings and Aveng Infraset, resulting in these companies becoming top-rated solutions providers to the mining and infrastructure industries.

Aveng Duraset successfully established Lesedi Railtrack (Pty) Ltd, a BEE enterprise development in 2002, which since its establishment, has been successful. It has grown significantly since then with considerable future growth potential. Lesedi is 100% black managed and 75% black owned, with Aveng Duraset still holding the remaining 25%.