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The MATBS bolt was developed to address both primary and yielding support with one product.

The product is patented and features a range that caters for between 7 and 9 tons initial support load which when grouted produces a 10 and 14 ton system respectively. Yielding is then induced at 10 and 14 tons respective to each system. the system incorporates a unique grouting capability that has an option of a GROUT INDICATOR which will give visual indication of a pressurized system. this can only take place when the hole is fully grouted.

  • The MAYBS Bolt is a one pass system with immediate support and yielding ability.
  • It can be installed with mechanized bolters or manually
  • It has high energy absorption capabilities of up to 45 KJ
  • It has a full proof grouting system with visual indication for post grouting inspection
  • The installation mimics a conventional rock bolt with no additional requirements.
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