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Expansion Shells


The unique 3-leaf expansion unit has exclusive features that ensure positive anchorage under the most arduous conditions.

The expansion unit, which is available as a ‘bail type’ unit, is a 3-leafed mechanical anchor which conforms to the hole diameter. This feature ensures a more even load distribution between the anchor and the rock at the anchor point.

The serrations on the shell are rounded off. This is done to reduce point loading at the contact point between the shell and the surface of the borehole. This reduces crushing of the rock and broaching of the hole, thus taking maximum advantage of the strength of the undisturbed rock at the anchor point.

Description Min. hole size Max. hole size
32mm 33mm 35mm
35mm 36mm 38mm
38mm 39mm 45mm
40mm 41mm 47mm
43mm 44mm 50mm
60mm 61mm 68mm
76mm 77mm 84mm
89mm 90mm 99mm
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