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Surelock® Spin Anchors


SURELOCK® spin anchors are flexible high tensile steel strands of specific lengths, resin anchored inside a drilled hole with an innovative locking-off unit called the ‘SURELOCK® swivel barrel’ at the collar. The advantages of utilising this locking-off device is that once the required prestressed load is achieved, the shear ring shears on the barrel into a positive visual indicator with an audible knock.

SURELOCK® spin anchors are made to requirements as specified by the end user. These anchors are designed to give immediate support and are normally post-grouted after being pre-stressed.

  • These anchors are easily installed using trained support installation crews
  • The cable anchors are manufactured to the required specifications of the customer e.g. the cut length of the strand, specified load at which the shear ring activates, number of bulbs
  • All spin anchors are tensioned to the required loads as specified by the customer, with hydraulic equipment approved by the supplier
  • The spin anchors can be installed in incompetent rock
  • All spin anchors may be grouted either before or after pre-stressing the anchors.
Strand diameter (mm) Ultimate tensile strength (tons) Working load (tons) Hole diameter (mm)
15.24 25 15 36 to 40
18 35 20 36 to 45

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