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Threaded Rock Studs


Mechanically anchored (also known as end anchored) rock bolts or rock studs are extensively used in the support of underground excavations. This type of support is recommended for the short to medium term where no subsequent support of a more permanent nature is envisaged

i.e. shotcrete and or wire meshing and lacing.

  • Where additional thread may be required to take up any play between the bearing plate and the rock surface (e.g. pulling wire mesh into depressions in the rock surface.)
  • Where it may be important not to impart torque to the shank of the bolt during pre-tensioning.

Rock bolts and studs are used with various accessories (depending on the application and geological conditions).

In order to select the correct accessories for your particular application and conditions, please refer to the Rock bolt accessories — Bearing plates, Nuts and Spherical seats.

In order to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit in terms of performance and safety from our products, please refer to the detailed

Installation Methods and Procedures.

* Lo = 5.65 MÄ} where A is the equivalent cross-sectional area

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