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Rope Eyebolts & Wedges

rope eyebolts sml

Rope eyebolts have a ferrule swaged to the rope at the end which is secured in the hole by the wedge. Another ferrule is swaged to the other end, onto which an eye is welded.

Rope eyebolts are used for the rigging of snatch blocks (return pulleys) where the removal of broken rock is by means of scrapers and winches. The eyebolts are reclaimable and are anchored with a wedge that is inserted into the hole and locked
off alongside the eyebolt.

Rope eyebolts and wedges are available in standard lengths as shown in the table below.
Lengths are measured overall on the Standard type and rope length on the Cobra type.

Eye type Eyebolt length Wedge length
Standard 545 350
720 620
Cobra 450 350
720 620

Wire rope: 15.6 – 6/19 (9.9.1) WMC Dry Ordinary Lay 1770MPa.
Ferrules, eyes and wedges: Mild Steel
Minimum tensile strength: 160kN

Always ensure that rope eyebolts are installed parallel (or as near as possible to parallel) to the direction of the applied load.

Rope eyebolts must not be used in such a way that the rope is required to bend around a radius of less than 40D (where D is 16mm). Doing so will greatly reduce the load carrying capability of the eyebolt.