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Thread Lock™


Thread Lock™ flexible anchors are available as either bulbed, resin anchored or plain, mechanically anchored tendons.

Thread Lock™ flexible anchors are manufactured from high tensile steel 7-wire strand and incorporate a threaded live end used to pre-tension the anchor.

Other accessories such as spherical seats, load indicators and bearing plates are easily incorporated into the system.

These anchors provide the ideal solutions where quick installation and immediate support is required. Both types of anchors are available in standard lengths from 1,2m in increments of 0,3m.

Non-standard lengths are available on request.

  • Easily installed using conventional roof bolting equipment
  • Uses the same hole diameter as conventional resin anchored tendons
  • Fast installation and immediate support
  • No hydraulic tensioners or croppers are required
  • Bolter installation method reduces the personnel height issues and access risk related to conventional equipment.

A further option in the Thread Lock™ range is the low profile option, offering additional advantages, such as:

  • Reduced protrusion into the working space, particularly for confined areas
  • Less prone to blast damage
  • Less prone to damage from moving machinery or equipment.