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Grinpak™ – The Big Easy


New from the leaders in mine support technology, the revolutionary Grinpak™ mine support system is:

On Value
On Safety
On Performance
To Install
On your pocket
To use

The benefits of Grinpak™ are derived from numerous design innovations:

  • Simple, fast and easy pack construction
  • Can be used at height to width ratios up to 2:1
  • Excellent pre-stressing due to solid Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) core
  • A solid CLC core which cannot burn
  • Fire treated timber
  • Solid pack structure eliminates loss of gold fines
  • Excellent stoping width control
  • Reduces rockburst damage and rockfalls
  • Higher prestressed load on installation
Timber 900 x 100 x 100 Other sizes available
CLC Block 600 x 300 x 100 on request.

Grinpak™ is an engineered combination of cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) blocks reinforced with steel, fibres and timber for cost-effective and reliable stope support.

Grinpak installed


Grinpak core remaining after fire


Gulley pack

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