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Thermal Zinc Diffusion


Sherardizing, Thermal Zinc Diffusion, is the forming of a uniform corrosion resistant coating of zinc-iron alloy on the surface of iron or steel objects by means of a metallurgical vapor diffusion process. The sacrificial zinc-iron alloy layer formed provides corrosion protection to the coated steel components.

  • Uniform zinc-iron alloy coating
  • Protection of irregularly shaped and recessed components
  • Even coating of hollow and tubular components
  • Thermal diffusion of a wide range of steel components i.e. spring steel, cast iron, sintered and low carbon steels
  • The thermally diffused surface is ideal for the further application of duplex coatings, powder coating and vulcanising
  • No Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Communications infrastructure, railway infrastructure, power transmission hardware, solar and wind turbine components
  • Construction, mining and agricultural components
  • Corrosion and wear protection for fasteners in all industries
  • Protection of infrastructure components ie rebar/hollow bar and port infrastructure
  • Automotive components
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